This recipe is based on a dish we had in Modena. They served it with roasted potatoes with rosemary, but I substituted cannellini beans.


1-2 pounds pork ribs (ask butcher to cut them in half so they are short)
2 or 3 cups red wine

Rinse the ribs and pat dry, then season with salt and pepper. Put them in a container with a stalk of rosemary and pour the wine over them. They need to be totally submerged; you can add a little water to the wine if necessary. Cover the container and let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.
Once the ribs are marinated, heat a little olive oil in a large pan at a medium high heat. Use tongs to place the ribs in the pan and sear them, then pull them out of the pan and put them in a baking dish. Add the wine to the dish and cook them for 3 hours in a 300° oven.

Pull the ribs out of the wine, put them on a plate and serve hot with potatoes or beans. The meat should be very tender, falling off the bone.