One of the great pleasures we indulge in while traveling is finding great food.

This is, of course, especially true in Italy, where we have a large group of “Destination Restaurants” we like to return to again and again. Italian food is all about the quality of ingredients, so when trying to replicate a dish we always try to get the best ingredients we can find.

Zeneba considers herself a cook, not a chef (and Matt is certainly none of the above!), but we’re happy with the way our dishes turn out, and Zeneba’s dinners are a much-sought-after experience in Nashville. Below you will find a few recipes that are Zen’s versions of dishes we’ve had in Italy, using ingredients we can find in Nashville, TN where we live. We’ve only included dishes that multiple guests have enjoyed over the years.

Chick pea and Chestnut soup

Egg-yolk-only pound cake

Seafood Chowder

Upside Down Pear Butter Cake

Irish brown bread

Roasted Turkey in Gorgonzola sauce

Classic spicy tomato sauce

Braised Pork Ribs in Wine

Involtini of chicken with prosciutto and spinach in a parmigiano cream sauce

Homemade Herbal Amaro (liquore)

Borlotti bean, farro and kale soup

Tomato Bisque (two versions)

Watch this space for more recipes to come!