A Few "Little Roads" Toilet Tips

One of the services we offer to our itinerary clients is answering their questions (often via text messages) in real time. A couple of years ago, one client texted us a photo, saying "How do you flush this thing?!?"
In light of this, we thought we'd post some choice pics from a few different plumbing “environments”…

1. THE PUSH-UP: Simply push the valve up and hold it until you hear the water flushing. 


2. THE STEPPER: Our favorite hands-free sink faucet. Don't wave your hands under the spigot; use your foot to control the water flow. Some of these have two pedals, for hot and cold. 


3. THE PUSH-IN: Two different sized buttons for different... requirements, if you know what we mean. 


4. THE TOILET HOLE: The first time Zen saw this, she was pretty stressed. But upon reflection, this is actually the most sanitary method, as there's no touching of any surfaces. Skirts are an advantage here; wearers of pants, use caution. 


5. THE PUBLIC HUMILIATION CORD: You'll see one of these in almost every bathroom - it's not a flushing mechanism, but rather an emergency cord that sounds an alarm and calls for assistance. Whenever in doubt about how to flush, DO NOT pull this cord, as Zen once did in a bar, much to her embarrassment.


As with any public bathrooms, sometimes you'll discover there is neither soap nor toilet paper. We travel VERY light, but Zeneba always carries a tissue pack and soap leaves just in case. About the size and weight of a matchbook, these soap leaves last forever.

toilet brush sign.jpg

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