Avoid the Cost of Italy Vacation Cliches

Are You Blowing Your Budget On Italy Vacation Cliches?  5 Reasons to Hire an Itinerary Service and Ditch The Tourist Traps

For most travelers, the idea of hiring an itinerary planner seems like an over-the-top luxury. In reality, if you hire the right planner, it turns out to be a good way to save some money on the overall trip, and to insure an immersive, authentic, memorable vacation. A good planner knows where to find luxurious, affordable accommodations; where to find the most traditional restaurants, and also the up-and-coming new ones; which towns are idyllic medieval hill towns, and which are tourist traps. The cost of a planner is a fraction of the budget for an overall trip, and a small price to pay to both insure an incredible vacation and save yourself months of research. 

Got a Checklist of “Must-See” Sights? So Does Everyone Else.

Going to Italy? Do you have a checklist of sights you must see that includes the Tower of Pisa, Rome, Florence, and Venice? Guess what? So does everyone else. That means you’ll be surrounded by huge groups of tourists clustering around a tour guide with an umbrella, craning your neck to see the David or the Colosseum. What are your goals? To see Renaissance art and ancient Roman ruins? You can do that in lesser-known places, which are just as beautiful and not nearly as crowded. An itinerary planner can help you figure out where those places are. 

A Good Itinerary Planner Knows the “Hidden” Places. 

Finding “hidden” places in popular regions like Tuscany is all the rage right now. As a result, lots of places try to “rebrand” themselves as hidden, and there are lots of bloggers compiling lists of ‘hidden’ sights. An itinerary planner can help you wade through which sights, towns, and restaurants really are the authentic place locals frequent, and which are businesses just jumping on the bandwagon. Even in a well-known region like Tuscany, it’s still quite possible to find unique, special, non-touristy places. You just have to know where to look – and an itinerary planner will.

A Good Itinerary Planner Makes a Custom Trip Just for You. 

Some people want to focus on art, some on food, some on wine… A good planner will talk over your wishes and goals, and then structure a trip for you focusing on your individual needs. A planner will also help talk you through your every day schedule, and set realistic goals. Everyone who visits Italy wants to see as much as possible. A planner can help you whittle down your list to include full, eventful days, while still allowing for rest and relaxation. How long does it really take to drive from your B&B to that castle? Where is the best, most efficient parking? What day and/or time of year is your favorite restaurant closed? A planner will know, and will craft a trip for you that will create memories for a lifetime. 

A Planner Can Save You Hundreds of Hours of Research Time. 

If you want to have an immersive, authentic trip, you’ll have to be willing to spend months researching your options. While some Italian businesses have embraced websites and social media, most have not. An itinerary planner with extensive knowledge of the region you want to visit can guide you to the truly special places, many of which you would not be able to find online. Websites can also be deceiving – a planner should be able to tell you from personal experience about great lodgings, artisans, and restaurants. 

A Planner Can Save You Big Bucks. 

Spend money to save money? Sounds fishy, but in this case it’s actually true. A good itinerary planner should be able to help you find apartments, rooms in castles, and B&Bs in small towns – all for less money than a budget hotel in Rome. Small towns are replete with affordable, incredible places to stay, and a planner can help you choose lodgings that meet your needs. Want to stay in a castle? In a small hill town with excellent restaurants? On a farm deep in the countryside? A planner can find affordable options for all of these ideas. Museums and sights in small towns are also much more affordable than big cities – many are even free! Parking is cheap or free, and even the most upscale restaurants are more affordable in the countryside. A planner can design a memorable, incredible itinerary for you that is a fraction of the cost of a typical travel package offered by big agencies. One word of caution – be sure to ask your planner if they get kickbacks or discounts. Good planners send you to places because they love them, not because they get a piece of the action.