9 Restaurants in Italy that feel like eating at your Grandma’s house

[We wrote this article in 2015 for Budget Travel, a list of restaurants that remain our favorite places to visit.]

While exploring small-town Italy over the years, we've found amazing restaurants that feel like you're eating at Grandma's house! They’re not fancy, not expensive, and they will offer some of the best meals you’ll have in Italy. 

Everyone loves Italy for the food. If you’re into impeccable service, white tablecloths, and artistic plating, there are many wonderful places to experience Italy’s high cuisine. But if crumb-sweepers and vintage-specific wine glasses are not your thing, and you’d rather not worry about whether you’ve used the wrong fork for your insalata, look for one of these places that we call Cucina Nonna — Grandma’s Kitchen. For traditional, authentic, and delicious Italian food, this kind of place can’t be beat—very casual, informal, where someone’s grandmother is serving up traditional food, doing her thing her way as she has been for decades.

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